About Rebecca


  • Has worked in the field of IT as a software developer and webmaster for over 35 years.
  • Has explored a number of health topics via her own efforts: online, via books, and upon advice from a number of health professionals.  Her interest in these topics has been stoked by dealing with her own health issues as well as those of close relatives, friends and associates, and from a general interest in this topic.  Of particular interest to Rebecca are issues relating to cancer, thyroid and adrenal depletion, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida and gut health, and menopausal changes.
  • Has been exploring matters of the spirit for many years, and recently upped the ante on this effort, partly because there isn’t as much time left in her life as before, and partly because some of her more worldly concerns are beginning to (finally!) fade into the background.  This “matter of the spirit” covers many subtopics, but of particular interest are Christianity (particularly Catholic, traditional Protestant or Orthodox), Tibetan Buddhism, some aspects of Hinduism, Native American spirituality, and more.  She does not subscribe to the more superficial exclusivist ways of looking at religion, but is more interested in coming to terms with that underlying Mystery which is behind it all.
  • Is a mother to one 20-year old son, several cats and one dog.
  • Loves spending time in nature.  Favorite activities in this vein include gardening, hiking, trail maintenance.  Rebecca prefers organic, chemical-free gardening, with respect for all life and for the sustainability of the planetary ecosphere as much as possible.  She likes to garden for her and her family’s pleasure and sustainance, as well as for the bees and butterflies, using vegetable, tree and flower varieties suited to the locale and climate as much as possible.  A particular passion is both heirloom varieties and old roses.
  • Was born and raised in Florida, and lived there for many years before moving to eastern Tennessee.  She still calls the area around Tallahassee, Florida home, along with her current home in the Southern Appalachians.  She also harbors a great fondness for the area in and around the panhandle of West Virginia, as her parents and most of her ancestors hailed from there, and she still has many living relatives there.
  • Is intrigued by many other topics that impact our human sojourn, including world history and politics.

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